Countesthorpe Gardens and Allotments Society.
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We've been robbed!: 

On Friday night 17th Apr. Thieves parked a van on Banbury Lane, came across three fields, cut a section of the hedge out in the hay field, broke into Trevor's shed(s) and stole a load of tools. They also broke into our container and stole our hedge trimmer.

They then stole the exchange trolley and a wheel barrow to move their spoils over the fields to the van. They dumped the barrow and trolley in the lane.

The trolley and barrow were recovered by Rob and the latter being unidentified was left on the slabs in front of the container for the owner to find when he realised his barrow was missing.
It transpires that the barrow was, in fact, that of our chairman Chris Heaton. The Barrow has, in the meantime, disappeared. A search of the allotments has not found it. We can only assume that someone has taken it home. Our chairman is understandably very angry and his comments are unpublishable. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the barrow , please let Chris or Rob know.


CGAS Produce Show and BBQ: 

Our annual show is comming up on Sat. Sept. 6th. The show will commence at about 13:00 with entries to be submitted from 11:00 to 12:30. As last year, we are planning to follow the show with a barbecue. The fire to be lit about 16:30 for 17.30 cooking.

All ALLOTMENTEERS and families are welcome. £2 a head…children under 14 free.

As usual we’ll supply fire, soft drinks, bread and salads. You supply meat/fish/veggies for cooking and alcohol.

Email or inform a member of the committee if you are going to attend the BBQ so that we have some idea of numbers.


Midsummer BBQ: 

As last year, we are hoping to have a BBQ Saturday 21st June at the allotment site. The fire to be lit at 6pm for 6.30 cooking.

All ALLOTMENTEERS and families are welcome. £2 a head…children under 14 free.

We’ll supply fire, soft drinks, bread and salads. You supply meat/fish/veggies for cooking and alcohol.

Email or inform a member of the committee if you are going to attend so that we have some idea of numbers.

If the weather is bad call/Text Chris on 07711608055 or please have a look at this Website. There is an alternative date of 5th July set.


Mulled Wine &Mince Pies: 

As last year, we are hoping to hold a festive 'mulled wine and mince pies' event at the Container on the allotments field this New Years Eve.

The event will commence at 11:00 in the morning of the 31st. All are welcome but it is requested that you bring some contribution to the feast. It doesn't have to be wine and mincepies but something in keeping with the spirit of the thing.

If the weather is bad call/Text Fiona on 07788 426159 or please have a look at this Website


New EU Seed Law: 

The European Commision is currently drawing up a new law to regulate the sale of all seeds, plants and plant material. The latest draft of the law is even more restrictive than the regulations that we have at the moment.

Every single variety of vegetable will have to be registered on an EU list, otherwise it will be illegal to sell it. To be registered on the list, seed varieties have to pass a series of tests demonstrating what is called DUS ‘Distinctiveness, Uniformity and Stability’. It costs nearly £3000 to test & register just one single variety of seed for sale.
Although we have had a system like this for many years, there have been much simpler and cheaper options for what are considered ‘amateur varieties’ for home gardeners, and the rules have never been strictly enforced in the UK.

Go to the Real Seeds website and the Seed Soveriegnty Campaign website to find out more about this and how to protest. OUR SEEDS ARE UNDER THREAT. We must act before 4th Dec.


The CGASS Show 2013: 
Presenting the cup for best allotment.

The show took place on 31st August. This year we followed the show with a celebratory barbecue. The weather stayed warm and sunny the whole day and attendance was good. There were many entries of veg, fruit, flowers and preserves. All entries were of the usual high quality.

Teas and coffees were served all afternoon by Margaret and Joyce to whom we are very grateful for their devotion to the task. Thanks also to Barbara for the bunting and raffle, Pete for the the announcing and auction all who helped and the attendees for making it a lovely day.
Pictures may be seen on facebook


Mid-Summer Barbecue: 

We are planning to hold a Mid-Summer Barbecue on the Ag.   The date is Sat. 22nd June.  Starting at 17:30.

We will provide Salads, rolls, soft drinks, the barbecues with cooks and some entertainment. For this we would like to charge £2 per head for attendance.

Please bring you own meat or fish items for cooking and Alcoholic refeshments



Allotment holders enjoy the provision of free water on tap. This water is, however, not free to the society. It is metered and the society has to pay for water used. The society recoups this cost through the plot rents.The half yearly water bill this spring has used up a large slice of the rent money and we need this to pay land rent and provide other facilities and maintenance.
In the last few months the water has been found to be turned on when it should have been off and running freely from an open tap. There have been various reports of , un-named, individuals watering allotments with hoses.
In the future anyone found abusing the water provision in such ways will run the risk of having their tenancy 'reviewed'. 20/06/2012


Good neighbourlyness.

We should all try to be good neighbours to our fellow plot holders and to our neighbours around the 'Ag'
Take care not to stand or drop things on neighbours' plots. Think about the annoyance the smoke from a fire can cause to the houses, the cricket club and fellow plot holders.
Don't park for long periods on the tracks or leave vehicles where they may cause a problem for Mr Houghton.
Take care driving on Glebe drive. In dry weather it kicks up dust which affects our neighbous in the mobile homes. In wet it can splash muddy water about. In any case it's a bad narrow road so watch out for pedestrians dogs etc.