Countesthorpe Gardens and Allotments Society.
Diary Page
Event Day Date Time Venue
Start of 2015 Tea and coffee Sun. mornings.Sunday12/04/201510:00Container Alottments
Committee meetingSunday15/03/201510:00Container Ag
AGMWednesday01/10/201419:00 (Committee 18:30)Cricket Club
CGAS Produce Show and BarbequeSaturday06/09/201413:00 Container Ag.
Mid Summer Barbecue.Saturday21/06/201418:00 for 18:30Container Ag
Start Sunday A.M. tea/coffeeSunday06/04/201410:00 - 12:00Container AG
Committee meetingSunday16/03/201410:00Container Ag
Mulled Wine & Mince PiesCANCELLED31/12/201311:00Container Ag
CGAS Annual General MeetingWednesday02/10/201319:00Countesthorpe Cricket Club
2013 Summer Produce show & BarbecueSaturday31/08/201313:00Container Ag.
Post Show BarbecueSaturday31/08/2013~16:00Container Ag.
Mid-Summer BarbecueSaturday22/06/201317:30Community Area (Container) Ag
Committe MeetingSunday02/06/201310:00Ag
Committee MeetingSunday28/04/201310:00Container Ag
Mulled wine and mince pies.Monday31/12/201211:00 - 13:00Container Ag
CGAS Annual ShowSaturday01/09/201213:30:00Container
Committee meeting.Sunday10/06/201210:00Container.
Start of Sunday Tea and Coffee morningsSunday15/04/201210:00:00Container Allotments
CGAS Committee MeetingSunday01/04/201210:00:00Container Allotments
CGAS Committee MeetingSunday26/02/201210:00:00Container Allotments
AGMWednesday05/10/201119:30:00Cricket Club bar.
CGAS Annual ShowSaturday20/08/201113:00:00Community Area Ag.
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